Communication is an integral part of every business. But getting it right isn’t always easy. And it’s not only a problem faced by large organisations.

As smaller businesses grow, communicating with people gets more complex. You may expand from one site to multiple locations. You may have sales people or engineers out on the road or working remotely. And you want to inform, engage and motivate each of those people to help your business succeed and continue to grow. Effective communication plays a huge role in turning your employees into your ambassadors.

Similarly, it may get harder to give a consistent experience to your customers when they have multiple contact points in different locations. Or you may decide to diversify your offer or branch out into new markets. Are your people saying the same things about your business and your offer? And is your branding helping or hindering your success?

UK businesses today don’t have it easy when it comes to finding good people and keeping them. However, by thinking strategically about the way your business communicates, you can motivate your people; improve attraction and retention; increase productivity; and deliver better service to your customers.

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