Getting your messages out to the right people is key to your business success. Most likely your sales and marketing people are so busy creating and generating leads and marketing your brand to potential customers that there is little time and energy left for much else. In this scenario, it’s often social media and PR that gets pushed to the back of the queue.

Social Media

You may feel that social media isn’t right for your business or you simply haven’t got the resources to manage it effectively. We can talk to you about the pros and cons of social media for your business and how we can help to manage it for you. From simply copywriting of regular posts and updates and finding useful networks,  to support with social media advertising.


Although traditional printed publications and newspapers have reduced dramatically in popularity, digital content and news has exploded. Small and medium-sized businesses have much to gain from creating and sharing news content with trade publications and local online newspapers.

Securing editorial or an interview in a relevant trade magazine can immediately get you and your business in front of your target market. It can also give your brand credibility in your industry.

Similarly, building a good relationship with local editors, journalists and bloggers can help you build your profile and brand awareness in your local area. By sending them relevant, newsworthy and timely content, you’re helping them to generate interesting content while reaching your target customers.

From helping to generate editorial content in local and trade publications, to creating engaging posts for your social media channels, we can help you.